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Beagle Racing raises over £1,000 for charity

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Market Bosworth Agricultural, Horticultural & Equestrian Society organised a night of beagle racing to raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association on the evening of Friday 3 July.  Supported by the North Warwickshire Beagles and using the facilities already set up for the Market Bosworth Country Show. 150 people were in Beaglesattendance.


A working guide dog and a retired guide dog came along to see their canine friends take part in 5 races over a short course with a series of jumps. Some of the beagles got rather carried away in the excitement and improvised their own course. Mr Mumford, the Society Chairman, was heard to call  for a steward’s inquiry.


The human visitors enjoyed a roast beef supper provided by P. J. Barker of Shepshed, although some of the beagles did their best to join in.  The guide dogs were far too well behaved to follow the beagles lead.


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